Football Family Day

Yesterday was a big day for our team in Thessaloniki!

Every year, football fans around the world look forward to El Classico, the game between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, and the guys were involved in an incredible celebration!

Our great friends at InterVolve and Open Cultural Center came together with the support of la Liga and MEDIAPRO to organise Football Family Day. The day saw over 1000 refugees from in and around Thessaloniki come together in celebration, with football and cultural activities and an exciting guest appearance from former Barcelona star, Carles Puyol!

Dan and Thomas have been working hard to bring football to the community at EKO, and have seen first hand how the sport can break down boundaries and unite people from all over the world. They were invited to join the celebration and run football activities on the day.

Their football 3-a-side pitch and football tennis court provided a huge amount of fun throughout the day, alongside the theatre workshops and bouncy castle, and they joined the gathering crowd for Puyol’s much-anticipated arrival in the evening. The excitement was palpable as everyone tried to grab a selfie with the star, and the day was a huge success!

Thomas says:
“I believe that football has a lot of power for good. We often focus on the multimillionaires that rule the game and forget about the positive sides that the sport has for people. This event was a great day out for people from very different cultures, and they communicated through a common language: football.”

Dan adds:
“One of the most amazing things about the day was seeing so many different cultures and people from all over the world come together through football. We believe that, through football, we’re able to bring some relief to the everyday life of people experiencing psychological and mental health issues. I would add that seeing local Greeks participate throughout the day brings proof that, as a global community, we can come together through sport. It’s a language we all speak!”

Thank you all so much for your ongoing support, which means we can take part in events like this and make a real difference to those affected by the refugee crisis.

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