Fire In Dunkirk

Yesterday something really tragic happened.

A fire broke out at the at the Grand Synthe camp in Dunkirk, and reports this morning confirm that 80% of the shelters have burnt.

Now, once again, the 1500 residents of the camp have lost their homes, their possessions, and find themselves displaced.

Our friends at Help Refugees have set up an emergency appeal to fundraise for sleeping bags, blankets, rucksacks, bottled water and food for these vulnerable people, which you can donate to here.

You can also find more information on other ways to help in their post, here.

You guys might remember Besh. We met him in the camp in Dunkirk last year, where he was reunited with his Mum after having been separated in Greece.

His heartbreaking response to the news of this fire brings home just how devastating this is…


We were cried

We had singed a song


We were Celebrated

But what?????

Finally burned!!!!!!

I’m so sad”