EKO Is Coming To Life Again

EKO is coming to life again, and it’s the start of a beautiful and exciting year for us!

After taking over from Eko Project in March, our team on the ground have been busy making preparations for the new community, and now they’re really getting settled in.

We’ve met so many incredible people, from Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Iran, Somalia, Pakistan, Algeria, Lebanon and Afghanistan!

They’ve been coming to EKO to enjoy the space, relax and hang out with us and get involved in the amazing things that EKO has to offer.

We’ve been playing ping-pong, eating lunches together, having bonfires, relaxing in the hammocks, fixing up bicycles, chilling with
cinema nights, having parties and drinking chai!

On Wednesday we all had a big lunch together.

We cooked delicious arabic food with some of the men from Vasilika, and invited everyone to come and eat with us. The sun was shining and we all sat outside laughing, eating and getting to know each other. Most people have very limited English and, as we saw from the old community, just hanging out and chatting with us can help them to learn very fast, and equally we’re learning more arabic every day!

It was incredible to see so many people from so many different countries coming together for such a beautiful afternoon.
We love that the kitchen is being used by all different nationalities to make the food that they love for everyone. We’re all tasting new things and experiencing different cultures – it’s very beautiful to see the diversity in EKO.

We can’t wait to to keep working with this amazing community, to build this space and achieve our dreams together!

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