Chemical Attack Reported in Idlib

A civil defence member breathes through an oxygen mask, after what rescue workers described as a suspected gas attack in the town of Khan Sheikhoun in rebel-held Idlib, Syria April 4, 2017. REUTERS/Ammar Abdullah

EDIT: The march will now take place this Saturday 8th April at 12:30pm from Marble Arch to 10 Downing Street, and not on 9th April as originally stated

Today the news is breaking that at least 58 people have been killed in a chemical attack in Idlib, Syria.*

11 of them were children younger than eight.

We don’t really have the words to express how we feel right now. The lumps in our throats and the tears in our eyes go some way to illustrate our pain and horror, but there’s so much more than that.

We’re angry, that this could even possibly happen in the first place.

We’re frustrated, that we still hear ‘They should just go back to their own country’ when this is the reality.

We’re determined, to keep raising our voices and fighting for what we believe in.

We’re grateful, that you guys are here with us and we can do this together.

Our incredible friends RefugEase are organising a march this Sunday 9th April at midday at 10 Downing Street, to implore our Government to address these issues and up global pressure on leaders using such weapons.

Please, join us there.
London Against Chemical Warfare in Syria

If you can’t join us at the march, please share this post. The more people we can reach with this, the louder our voice will be.

Thank you.