We Need Wheels!

Can you help us get some wheels??

We’re on the hunt for two vehicles to support our awesome new project at Eko Project in Thessaloniki, Greece.

We need a small 4×4 runaround that’s good for populated areas as well as the difficult terrain in the outskirts of the city, and a minibus or van so we can transport people, volunteers and all of the aid and other important big goods. These vehicles will help keep our team mobile and be on hand to respond in any potential emergency situations.

We’re working with quite a short timeframe as the car Dan is currently using needs to go back to its owner in two weeks time for another project, and the community at EKO is growing by the day!

Ideally the vehicles will be European and currently within the EU (in Greece already would be EVEN better!!).

If you, or someone you know, may have a vehicle you’d like to donate, or if you’d like to support us with funding, please email dan@theworldwidetribe.com for more info.

Thank you!