The Worldwide Tribe at EKO

The Worldwide Tribe team would like to share something very exciting with you guys!

This last year we have been working closely with the amazing Eko Project team at Eko in Thessaloniki, watching it grow into a creative community demonstrating tangible, dignified impact in the midst of a global crisis.

Eko is a place where people can be themselves, learn and grow. From school and creative workshops, to breakfast, art, music, massage, language lessons, safety and warmth for everyone that is stuck, waiting for their asylum interviews in Vasilika military camp. Eko allows people a time and place to put their worries out of mind and relax.

For 18 months, The Worldwide Tribe has been an online community, working on the ground with refugees all over the world, but from this month we will be taking on Eko as the physical manifestation of this amazing community.

By collaborating with Eko Project we are bringing together two incredible communities, and taking Eko forward to the next chapter of their story. It is an honour to be continuing to build upon their amazing work and we couldn’t thank them enough for the beautiful space that they have created and their support for the year ahead.

Dan and Mary from The Worldwide Tribe and Arnau from Eko Project will be managing Eko as a place where refugees, volunteers, PEOPLE are coming together in a grassroots movement…a new wave of charity.

To donate to our work at Eko: