Human Devastation Syndrome

How do you find the words to describe what the children of Syria are going through right now?

Do they even exist?

Would any words do this pain justice?

‘Post traumatic stress’ doesn’t quite seem to cut it to describe a child who has seen their father beheaded, or their mother shot by a sniper, or their siblings bombed before their eyes.

‘Human devastation syndrome’ is the new term one doctor is using to more effectively describe the unimaginable long-term effects these things are having on these children.

He says, “their devastation is above and beyond what even soldiers are able to see in the war.”

Not only have they escaped war, they then often go on to experience the conditions in Europe’s refugee camps, where they are forced to grieve their losses in extreme poverty and the grimmest conditions.

Imagine what they will carry with them into adulthood.
It doesn’t even bear thinking about.

This same doctor, who has been doing incredible work, says that he is just putting a plaster (band-aid) on the problem.

“Instead of treating a child’s wounds from a missile…we need to stop the missile.”

We couldn’t agree more. Read this article to find out more.

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