Meet Nina and Elissa…

These two girls are students at Cambridge University, who’ve taken it upon themselves to do something other than study and party. As well as keeping up with their own education, they wanted to do something to make a difference in other people’s lives.

As you know, we’ve been busy for over a year now, developing our Jangala WiFi and installing it in camps around Europe, connecting refugees with a lifeline. It may not seem like a basic human need when you first think about it, but consider what you feel most lost without when you leave the house.

I for one know that when I leave my phone at home I can find myself in a state of panic. Without Google Maps I don’t know how I’d make it from one meeting to the next, but imagine not even knowing what country you’re in.

Imagine you were stuck, day in, day out, in a camp in the middle of nowhere. Spending twenty four hours a day in the same place, with no access to information, nothing to read or watch or do, and no way of knowing if your family and friends are still alive. What would you need the most then?

So Nina and Elissa are on a mission! They’ve set up the Wi-Five project, and the premise is simple.

They hope that 500 people will donate just £5 each over the next week, raising £2,500 to support Jangala WiFi and help us to connect more refugees with a lifeline. So far, 107 kind and generous people have supported the campaign, and you could be next.

If you’ve got £5 to spare, please consider supporting the amazing Nina and Elissa in their efforts to connect as many people as possible, by donating here.
Your support really does count.