What Happens When Refugees Get To The UK?


SHOCKING REPORT: What happens when refugees get to the UK?

I’ve just watched a very disturbing short film about the housing situation for refugees once they arrive to the UK…

In several areas of the UK, asylum housing is managed by a Security company called G4S.

The film exposes the conditions of these houses, with several asylum seekers explaining (with their identities covered), that they were forced to live in cockroach and rat infested houses that had been empty for years.

Some of the stories are devastating…parents forced to lock their children in the bedroom to keep them safe when they needed to go to the bathroom or kitchen, and one particular mother was forced to wash her baby in the sink, the same one she tried to wash dishes and clothing in.

Many tell of imposed rules such as being forced to stay in the house… with threats of their asylum being refused and them being deported should they break the rules or complain.

Playing on this ultimate fear has resulted in many people attempting to live with the rats and the fleas, ‘as long as we are safe.’

This is no way to treat guests in our country. Especially those who have been through so much to get here.

Privatising the housing of vulnerable individuals seems to be leading to some seriously questionable circumstances which seriously upset me.

To find out more, you can watch the film here.

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It might be the end of one difficult journey, but it’s just the start of another….