Turkey Camp Evacuation: Update

The camps we support in Turkey are being evacuated.

The people living in these camps are Syrians, doing seasonal agricultural work in the fields around the city of Izmir.

I met them in the summer when they were working back-breaking hours in the hot sun.

The winter has brought them different challenges. The work has decreased and they have struggled to survive the bitter cold.

Most of them have just about survived thanks to tents and better shelters, food, wood burners and wood, nappies and hygiene products provided by our team on the ground.

However the lack of toilets, showers, clean water and basic facilities did lead to the death of baby Noaf, who died of pneumonia after being refused hospital treatment as he had no papers or documentation.

Many other children are also exposed to illnesses and developmental disabilities as a result of poor nutrition and health conditions.

The most recent demolition of shelters and tents this week will only deepen the trauma of these children further…. as if surviving civil war, a treacherous journey and life in a tent in the mud is not bad enough.

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Photos by Kelli Scott