The Cold Is Unbearable

“It was -5c as we were driving home today and overnight it got down to -12c in Izmir, Turkey.

I’m sitting now in bed under 2 duvets, thermals and a beanie and still I’m cold. And I’m really feeling for those we know who are living in such bad conditions with only one or two blankets, in tents or in warehouses or derelict buildings.

The cold is unbearable.

In one camp we visited today, all the children are sick with colds and flu and families can’t afford to buy medicine. Their tents were flooded 2 days ago and all their carpets are soaked. Now, the only dry space they have is under a 3×3 tarp in the corner of the warehouse. They now use blankets on the concrete floor to replace the carpets. 12 people are sleeping in that space. They will look to move, but it’s not going to happen right away. So they are cold and sick.

In the camps everyday people are asking us for help with jackets and sweaters and more blankets. Every time we go out we take blankets, or clothes from donations but it’s not enough.

Families keep arriving from Syria with nothing. Often blankets are shared around as more and more extended family members arrive.

We desperately need carpets, blankets, more clothes donations and pallets to use as flooring.”

To find out more or get involved, check out our partners in Turkey.