Norrent Fonts

This is Norrent Fonts camp.

It’s about half an hours drive from where the Calais Jungle used to be…hidden between the trees.

After the Jungle was demolished, it became home to about 500 people, but the constant threat of demolition, the deep mud in which the tents were pitched and the sea of rats that cover the ground every evening as it gets dark…drove many people away to try and find an alternative. (e.g. the streets of Paris?)

We spent some time with our friends there last week. About 100 people currently live there, most of them in shelters rather than tents now (thank God).

The final decision as to whether these 100 people can stay in their makeshift homes / whether this camp too will be demolished, will be made in court in a few days time…on the 28th February.

I asked one of the guys how he felt about potentially losing his home AGAIN, and he said to me,

“What can I do? I am not scared, all of us, we will make a plan together.”

The strength of their spirit and the strength of the community bring me to tears every time.

Please leave your messages of support for the those still struggling to survive in Northern France below. We are live on this world together.