ECHO Library WiFi

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Meet Nils O’Hara, Richard Thanki and Samson Rinaldi…our wifi guys.

For over a year they have been developing an amazing, low-cost, portable wifi box that can connect hundreds of people at a time to high-speed internet.

Not only that…it’s purple!

We try very hard to respond to the needs we are hearing from our friends in the camps, and wifi has been a priority for many. Not only so people can keep in contact with loved ones, but also to have access to opportunities and information.

Boredom is a huge problem in many camps as beautiful bright minds struggle with the circumstances they are faced with.

We have provided wifi solutions in Calais and Lesvos, and this is the team installing our box into the ECHO Refugee Library in Thessaloniki.

The mobile library drives round servicing many of the camps in the area, and is now equipped with an extendable, signal grabbing antenna pole and magical purple suitcase which enables up to 200 users to access a high-speed 4G connection, with a range of up to 100 metres.

The lovely ‘librarians’ (haha) said:

“We have a feeling the library is about to become a whole lot more popular!”

If you are interested in our wifi box or see a need for in somewhere that you know about, please contact our wifi team directly at: