Deported to Afghanistan

This ones a shocker guys…

I’ve been painfully aware for a while now that our government is deporting Afghans back to their death. The saddest personal example I know well, is of a little boy who fled Afghanistan after he saw his father beheaded by the Taliban. He made it to the UK aged 13, is in school, with a foster family and learning English.

His Asylum claim was rejected and he is due to be deported at 17 and a half, after 4 years of living in the UK.

And now…new British government guidelines state that gay Afghans must ‘pretend to be straight’ if deported back to their country, where homosexuality is not just illegal but ‘wholly taboo’, a crime punishable by death.

A gay Afghan lives in fear of harassment, prosecution and persecution, so these new guidelines put our government at odds with UN guidelines which specify that ‘LGBT people should not be required to change or conceal their identity to avoid persecution’.

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