Update On Khaled

A beacon of hope!!!

A while ago, we wrote about our friend, Khaled who was living on the streets of Paris.

He was an interpreter for the British and American forces in Afghanistan, and after the coalition forces left, his life was in clear and immediate danger from the Taliban.

Here’s a link to the original post.

Quite a few people have asked us how he’s doing, and if he’s OK.
Well, today we have some good news, which is making us smile, from ear to ear…

Khaled has finally been given refugee status in France!

We really can’t quite believe it. We’re all so happy for him…and it really is about time, because he really has suffered so much.

He still wants to make it to the UK, where his friends live, and where he speaks the language, but at least for now, he is safe.

He still has an application to the USA, where he also speaks the language, but that, right now is not looking so likely either (!)

At least, for now, he is safe.

At least, for the moment, no one is going to put him on a plane and send him back to where the Taliban are waiting to kill him.

We wrote the original post as a call for support. Our Tribe member Brendan Woodhouse had been with Khaled at his lowest moment. Brendan says he still remembers the conversation like it was just moments ago. It was a dark conversation, and it disturbed Brendan deeply, (even though he has been out at sea working in Search and Rescue for months,) this conversation stuck with him because Khaled had lost all hope, and he was close to the end.

Today Khaled reminded Brendan that he had told him, at that dark time, to fight, and never stop fighting. That life is to important to just let it go…

…he fought.
And he overcame.

Brendan promised ‘Khaled’ that we would write the original post, explaining his story, because he wanted people to remember him. We also really wanted people to send their messages of support…which you guys did en mass. We were inundated with messages of love and solidarity and Khaled read every single one. They shone like beacon of hope through his dark times.

We honestly believe that those messages from you guys were life saving….so thank you so much!

Khaled fought through his hardest moments, but his troubles are not over. He is, however, so much further on than he was before. It really shows me that as humans, we gain so much strength from overcoming adversity. When we battle against the odds, it makes us stronger. When we have hope, we have strength. And that by helping each other, we remind each other that we are not alone in this world.

So what now…?

Khaled’s journey continues… He is desperate to see his family again and he still wants to live in a country where he speaks the language. His fight is still on. But, now at least, he has some sanctuary, some shelter from the storm.

He’s been volunteering as an interpreter, helping other Afghans in Paris. He told us that he’s been very inspired by all of the wonderful volunteers that go to help there. He told us that he wants to do the same kind of good in his life. And we are sure he will because it’s in his nature. We could see that within the first few seconds of meeting him. He will continue to help others, and we know that he’s going to make a tremendous difference to this planet.

You might be wondering about the picture… Khaled didn’t want us to share his picture, so instead, this is Korakas lighthouse in Lesvos. It’s a really dangerous spot for boats to land and Brendan and our Search and Rescue team have had many dark times here, but in a symbolic way for us, it shines as a beacon of hope.

Finally, I’d just like to ask everyone to take a moment to remember how lucky we all are for the people that we have in our lives. And if you’re in a dark place, (and we’ve all been there,) find that person in your life that shines a light in your darkness, and will be there for you.

You are always welcome to use this page, and this community, to talk. Together we have created the most loving, supportive network of people, and together we are strong.

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