Trump’s ban on Muslims

It’s a strange time to be alive… A pivotal moment in history and a difficult period for the world.

There’s so much I want to say about the decisions Trump is making right now that I don’t even know where to start. I keep sitting down to write this, but I haven’t been able to find the words without coming across rant-y and angry… But I’m not angry…I’m upset.

What’s making me upset is when I think about people like my little foster brother, who fled his country aged 13 and made the craziest journey you have ever heard to try and find safety.

Girls like my pal Noor, who saw her best friends’ bodies blow up when a bomb hit her university while she was in the final year of her law degree in Syria.

Guys like Saleh, a Sudanese friend of mine who fled his village the day his family home was torched and his twin brother and sister, who lay sleeping inside, burnt to death…

The men, women and children I’ve sat drinking tea with in refugee camps across Europe, who have life stories you could not even imagine… And this is how the world is responding.


I want to say to them that I am so sorry. I am so so sorry for the current state of the world. So sorry that my voice is not strong enough to change what you are going through right now. So sorry that I can’t make it better.

But I also want to say that I will continue to speak up for you. I will tell my friends about you, share your stories, and keep fighting for you.

Because from when I was young, thinking back even to school….when someone is being bullied, when someone is being unfairly and devastatingly kicked when they are down, I know that I can’t stand back and watch.


1. Get your voice and opinion heard – talk to your friends, share Facebook posts, educate yourself, read, learn, make sure you’re as in the know as you can be!

2. Go to protests – word on the street is that Trump was pretty affected by the scale of the March last weekend. Let’s shake him up by continuing to stand in solidarity with refugees, immigrants and each other and fight for equality.

3. Write to your MP – This week Theresa May HELD DONALD TRUMP’S HAND. Are we OK with this? Let them know…add your voice!

4. Take Action! Volunteer with us or one of our partners

5. Donate to our work continuing to support refugees on the ground, as well as raising awareness and working in education

6. Listen to each other. Talk to new people from different countries, with different perspectives, backgrounds, religions and ideas. Our differences are what makes the world a beautiful and exciting place to be. Embrace that.

Image: @mstr_of_disguise