Guys…I don’t know what to do…my heart is breaking…I just got this email from our friend in Serbia:

“Jaz, the conditions here are truly shocking. I want to write something lucid and articulate for you but my mind is a little scrambled at the moment.

I really can’t believe people are living like this.

The temperature is well below freezing and due to hit minus 15 tonight. The fumes from whatever they are burning to stay warm are so toxic – i could barely breathe in there.

When i have defrosted and calmed down i will write more. Maybe i will write a longer piece that you can share with your online community because people need to know just how bad the situation is. One of the senior journalists here told me he had not seen anything like this in 25 years of reporting.”

Guys I know it’s extreme, I know it’s Friday morning and we’re looking forward to the weekend and all that…but these people are dying in camps on our doorstep.

They fled a war in order to live…we can’t welcome them like this…

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