New Camps In France

The End of the Jungle: NEW CAMPS

In the run up to the eviction of the Calais Jungle, around half of the population decided not go to the accommodation centres provided.

These were people who decided that going along with the plans of the French government, was not an option for them, for many reasons…

For example, a lack of concrete information about what they could expect in the centres, a lack of clarity about how this could affect their asylum claims, and a general mistrust of officials after a year in an unregulated and illegal camp, where many witnessed brutality at worst and neglect at best, at the hands of the state.

Why trust them now?
Why put your fate and your freedom in these hands?

Many people in the camp have claims to asylum that are only relevant in the UK, such as family reunification, or the Dubs Amendment. Others are from countries that are favoured by the UK, in a way that they are not in France, when it comes to asylum claims.

For some people, having lived under the radar for so long, they decided to continue to do the same. Our friends packed their bags and moved on to other parts of the country, or even to other countries altogether, or they formed smaller camps in the area and continued to try to make it to the UK.

Although The Jungle was often unsafe, unhygienic, cold, and in general, not an ideal place to live, there were certain systems that were built, slowly, over the course of the past year and a half. If you needed shoes, or food, or information, you might have to wait, but you could always get these. Many groups and individuals worked tirelessly on the ground to improve the situation for people stuck on the border, and eventually, it kind of worked.

But for our friends who resisted the centres, they are back to square one.

By tribe member Beatrice Lily Lorigan

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