A War Zone In France

A few months back, when the Jungle was still there, me and most of our team were camping just outside Calais, while some of the team stayed in an Air BnB to charge some camera equipment and stuff.

On arrival, the host was there to greet them and asked if they had had a good journey.

The usual pleasantries were exchanged and the usual topics discussed…the closure on the A16, traffic etc.

The host started to talk about how there had been a lot of hold ups on the motorway recently. That there had been protests too against the.. “10,000 fugitives residing in Calais.”

“They are ALL Syrian and have been threatening people, sneaking into vehicles and causing the lorry drivers to get fined…” said the host.

“They are creating a WAR ZONE in FRANCE” were the exact words she used.

I wanted to share this exchange with you guys as it still goes around in my mind.

I can’t help but question..where is the understanding? Where is the knowledge? Where is the compassion for other human beings?

How is it possible to feel so disconnected from the humanitarian crisis unfolding on your own doorstep?

This narrative, this Brexit, Trump, fear and anger based mentality, this is what drives us in everything we do.

This makes it more important than ever to channel only love.

Thank you to Brittany Bee Pummell for this story and Sequoia Ziff for this beautiful image