Snow Falling In Greece

I will never forget my childhood memories of waking up and running to the window…pulling back the curtains to see the garden covered in glistening white snow.

The feeling of dread I woke up with yesterday when I saw the snow falling here in Greece was quite the opposite…

The thought of all those families in their freezing cold tents and kids without appropriate warm clothing was horrible.

When I arrived at EKO camp, the sun was shining and the surrounding mountains were covered in snow. We decided to make the best of the awful situation and took a spontaneous trip to the mountains with cars and vans full of kids.

For some of these children it was the first time they had experienced snow and their excitement put a smile on everyone’s faces. We had snowball fights, built snowmen, went sledging and drank warm milk with the most spectacular mountain view in the background and some very happy children.


These freezing temperatures and snow are terrible news for the refugee camps here in Greece. Nobody is prepared for this and the camps are so far from adequate for living in these temperatures. We spent the afternoon buying and distributing hats, gloves and scarves to keep the kids warmer in these conditions. This is a small gesture that can make a massive difference but there is still so much more to do…

We are pushing forwards with insulation and construction in our main barn building. Every week we are buying more heaters for the spaces and we are giving as many clothes and warm things as possible.


After seeing the poor people in the train station camp yesterday, I couldn’t help but think of them today amongst all the fun and laughter being had with the EKO kids. There are so many other people that are living in camps where the tents are outside, completely exposed and freezing cold.

Despite the fun we had today, this is a critical situation and we need your support to help as many people as possible here.

By the amazing Mary Finn