Remember Hamed?

Do you guys remember Hamed? The young Afghan boy who we tried to stop from being deported from the UK a little while back?

I thought you guys might like an update.

You might remember that Hamed WAS deported. Despite our petition, our film and all our efforts with lawyers and experts etc etc, there was nothing we could do to keep him in the UK with the family he lived with here who loved him. However Hamed wasn’t deported to Afghanistan, but to Holland, where he had been forced to put his fingerprints down on his journey to the UK.

Here he has had two interviews and now awaits the decision… The biggest for his life…

He has been in Holland now since the summer, waiting, with his future hanging in the balance. He lives in an accommodation centre and has been making the most of the situation by learning Dutch and also going to tailoring classes in a bid to learn new skills and keep busy.

He still has a strong support network around him, with regular visitors, both his friends from the UK, and new friends from Holland, as well as continued legal support thanks to you guys. He is currently safe, positive and hopeful.

We will continue to keep you updated on any developments.

So keep thinking of Hamed and hoping for him to be given the gift of a future in 2017. He deserves to look forward to the year ahead just as you or I can.