I suffered a lot there but I could never hate it

One month after the demolition of the Jungle refugee camp in Calais, and we’re all still hurting.

Our friend, a 20 year old poet from Iran, wrote these words about the eviction:

“I can’t ever imagine how hard it was for people based in the Jungle, because even for me, and I’ve been away from there for over 7 months, it made tears in my eyes because it was my home.

The volunteers who know me always tell me not to call it my home, they say it was nobody’s home. But I met half of my best friends in my life in the Jungle, and the Jungle taught me that in bad situations you can always laugh. The volunteers that would come to the Jungle taught me that humanity is not dead. I was determined to go back and help in the Jungle when I got my papers. I prefer call it a slice of heaven that God gave to the Earth as a gift.

I suffered a lot there but I could never hate it.”

More info about his poetry and the opportunity to buy a book of his work…coming soon!

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