Despite The Pain… They Laugh

I can’t stop thinking about Aleppo.

Whilst things are happening there that I can’t even read about or hear about without feeling sick….I’m in the camps in Greece, meeting men, women and children who, when I ask them where they’re from, they look down at the floor, and quietly tell me,


What do I even say in response to that?

I’m so sorry that this is happening to your city?

I’m so sorry for the loss of your home, and so many of the people you love.

I’m so sorry that you were forced to leave to save your life.

I’m so sorry that you now live in a tent in an abandoned battery chicken factory.

I’m so sorry that although you’re out of Aleppo, you’re still stuck in a nightmare.

I’m so sorry that so many stood by and watched.

But I don’t say that…because before I can, they look up at me and smile.

They invite me into their tents for tea.

They make me falafel in front of their makeshift homes.

They play music.

They dance.

They sing.

Despite the pain…they laugh.

I’m so grateful to be here meeting such incredible people and I’m so determined to learn from this ultimate resilience and strength.

We’re here installing wifi, sustainably connecting thousands of people with their loved ones this Christmas…wherever in the world they may be. Hopefully not still in Aleppo.

Please please please if you can, donate even the tiniest amount to our efforts here: