The horrors I experienced on my trip to Turkey: URGENT CALL TO HELP!

I’ve seen a lot of horrific shit this year, and heard a lot of devastating stories…but the situation I found the people who are living in the camps around Izmir in Turkey, are for sure up there with the very worst.

It’s basically impossible for Syrians to find legal work in Turkey, and the illegal jobs leave people working crazy hours in the worst conditions, with little and sometimes no pay.


Around Izmir, thousands of Syrians, including children, work informally harvesting tomatoes & oranges which are exported to European supermarkets.

They live in makeshift tents, made from what materials they can find or afford, or in homes with leaking roofs, infested with rats, paying extortionate rents.

Syrians aren’t given the same basic rights as Turkish people – many can’t access hospitals in emergencies. Women give birth by c-section and are sent back to sleep on the ground in their tents the next day.

Tribe member Kelli first launched the Five Pound Project to support these workers. Because of you guys we raised £10,000 and used it FAST..

Within two weeks Kelli and team had documented 900 Syrians living in 180 tents and had delivered them:

1,550 thick warm blankets
500 mattresses
baby beds
mosquito nets
solar lighting & more

Since then the camps have been growing and Kelli and team are now looking at 3,000 people in almost 600 shelters. The winter and the rain have started, the shelters aren’t weather-proof, and many have nothing between them and the bare ground.

There’s a need to act fast to winterise living conditions URGENTLY:


£4k = urgent 100 tent covers
£10k = upgrade 200 shelters
£5k = 1,000 blankets
£5k = 1,000 mattresses
£1k = 100 heaters

We need to reach our target of £25,000 ASAP!!! Please help us!