The Truth Is, None Of Us Should Really Be Here

By now you guys know a lot about Dan and Brendan. They have both spent months working on the ground, manning the front-lines of the refugee crisis and dedicating everything they have to helping those people most affected.

Right now they’re together, in the Mediterranean Sea, waiting to do that all over again.

They are both part of the search and rescue team on board Sea Watch 2, and they each have a RHIB to man, which means they’re the first point of contact for people on sinking boats.

This is what they sent us today…


“So we have arrived in the Search and Rescue zone off the coast, North of Libya. Both Rescue RHIBS (speedboats) are ready to be deployed if necessary. Yesterday there were 2200 people rescued, and 10 deaths.

People are still drowning every week. It’s a needless tragedy that is so avoidable. Over 4000 people have died so far this year making this journey, and they’re only the people that we know of. So many people are simply lost, without any statistical evidence.

It’s all a bit surreal being here on board Sea Watch 2, in one of the most monitored places in the world. Only a year ago we were sat in the Jungle in Calais at the start of this journey, planning to move onto Greece, Turkey and Jordan.

We spent days and months monitoring and rescuing people coming from Turkey, and now we are here in the Mediterranean collaborating with the amazing Sea-Watch to do our all to prevent further drownings. It literally feels like a drop in the ocean, but every life saved is worth the hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of Euros that has been put into operations like these, by amazing grassroots organisations and volunteers.

It brings us hope that ordinary people from all over the world will break down cultural barriers to support our brothers and sisters fleeing wars, climate change and economic strife.

November is likely to be a difficult month. The seas are much more challenging, both for us as rescuers, and for the people coming over.

The previous crew had some particularly harrowing accounts of what they experienced and it’s very clear that they did an excellent job in very difficult circumstances.

The truth is, none of us should really be here. We shouldn’t have to be providing search and rescue missions in this way, when Europe has the capability to offer safe passage routes to our shores.

The determination of our governments to provide the deterrent of death by drowning is utterly deplorable and inhumane. We stand with all of the people making this journey and will always demand SAFE PASSAGE from our governments as an intrinsic and basic human right.

Thank you to Sea-Watch for your continued efforts to save lives.

Thank you The Worldwide Tribe for being able to support this mission and future missions.

Thank you to Atlantic Pacific International Rescue Boat Project for invaluable training that will keep us safe, but that will also help us to save others.

Please stay tuned to all of our Facebook pages for further developments on our current mission.”

I can’t quite express how ultimately proud we are of them both. I hope they know how much we all value every single thing that they do, because I know you guys are all sending huge amounts of love and support their way.

Please, if you can, support our search & rescue fundraiser so we can continue to work on life-saving missions like these, and send your words of support to Dan and Brendan in the comments, they’ll be reading them.

Photos by Sina Niemeyer