The Saddest Thing

Today a mother in Turkey lost her two month old baby.

I just got this message from tribe member Kelli on the ground in Izmir, Turkey:

“Jaz…the saddest thing..

The Syrians living in the houses around here are even worse off than those in tents.

I’ll never forget the first time I went to this particular house, a little while back, a derelict two room place where 25 people are living, over half of them small children. We were taking details and it was raining and their place was muddy and damp. The kids were all sick. The rent they told us they were paying for this rat-infested place is extortionate and the landlords pray on their vulnerability.

Honestly this is a battle I’m gong to fight…it’s disgusting.

I sat there that night, and for the first time I held back tears.

I went back to this same house two days ago and gave everyone blankets, a small gesture to try and help their situation. I cuddled a two month old baby and it smiled up at me, it’s mum looking on proudly.

Today we went back to the house with clothes for everyone. In the two houses we visited today, we clothed 130 people head to toe…but when we arrived, the mood was solemn.

I knew something was wrong.

That baby, the one staring happily up at me two days ago…it died this morning. Apparently the mother dozed off to sleep with the baby resting in her lap and when she woke up the baby was dead with blood coming from its nose.

Jaz, I held this baby in my arms two days ago.

Today made me feel like nothing we’re doing is enough. No one can bring back this baby and heal their hearts. Just like no one can give back the time lost, houses lost, family lost in this fucked up war. Even though we’re trying to help… today I felt grief like nothing matters.”

Kelli is determined to do what we can to support the family through this time and hopefully pay for some food for the funeral.

Please please please donate what you can to our work in Turkey.

Kelli and the team are administering life saving support to the people living there as winter sets in.

All the money from this fundraiser goes directly to our projects in Izmir, both in camps and urban settings. The baby in this image is another baby struggling through the winter.

Help us help this one before it’s too late!