Remember Noor? (she’s dancing on the left)

Our beautiful, funny, make-up loving, law studying friend who fled Syria after a bomb hit her university, killing her friends and leaving her unable to walk?

Remember that her mother and brother carried her to Turkey to avoid the noises her wheelchair would make on the journey?

Remember she needs an operation but when she has tried to make the crossing from Turkey to Greece, her boat has sunk and she has been rescued, put in Turkish prison and denied food for days on end….?

Anyway…there is hope for Noor….!!!

Five people have come forward in Canada to act as signatories for a private sponsorship for her and her family!

These five people have committed to welcoming them, finding and furnishing a home for them and completing all the necessary paperwork to get them to Canada (a LOT).

The process will take about a year, and before the immigration centre can start processing and screening, there needs to be £15,000 in a Canadian bank account for Noor and her family to support them during the first year of their new life.

These five amazing people can do a LOT, but they need help and support in getting these settlement costs together.

Noor is desperate to leave her traumatic past behind, finish her studies and walk again…. Please help us make this a reality for her!

I can’t even begin to tell you how brave, inspirational and determined she is.

You might sometimes feel overwhelmed…like you can’t help everyone. I definitely do. But I know how we can at least give on person her future back: