Our Mission Is Over

We’ve just received this update from Dan and Brendan…

“We’re back in Malta and our mission is over. It’s been a difficult and frustrating time and we haven’t really achieved what we set out to do.

Technical difficulties with the ship delayed our departure by a few days and we set off believing that they had been fully resolved.

We arrived in the search and rescue zone and spent a couple of days there, but there were no refugee boats as the weather conditions just weren’t right.

The weather deteriorated and we set sail for the Tunisian coast to seek shelter from the storm and encountered some really choppy waters on the way. It was a real stomach tester.

Once the storm subsided, and we were on our way back to the search and rescue zone, in the dead of the night, electrical problems resulted in the abortion of our mission. It simply wouldn’t have been safe for us to continue, so we set sail back to Malta.

The ship is now being repaired, but it’s too late for our crew which is obviously frustrating and disappointing. We had a good crew too, so it’s a shame that we had to leave so prematurely.


One word about our crew…

Each individual that signed up for this mission, in one of the most difficult times of the year, showed character, heart and an abundance of love and determination to help the most vulnerable people on the planet.

We trained really hard to be ready too. We conducted medical training, we practiced rescue techniques with the RHIBs, we got used to operating effectively on the ship and we all feel like we were as ready as could be. And in the end, we weren’t used, which is why we all feel so frustrated.

Our problems are minuscule though, in comparison to those that we came to help. This provides the greatest level of perspective.

For in Libya, thousands of desperate and vulnerable people are waiting for their chance at a future, free from war, torture, slavery and degradation.

They are suffering unimaginable hardships that we will, most probably, never suffer. We’re back home to our comfy homes, our families, our friends. They are locked in conditions that we can barely conceive. Our frustration at not being able do anything on this mission is nothing.

So we’re coming home, having just crossed the sea as easily as could be. A crossing that each and every person on this planet should be entitled to make.”

We’re so proud of Dan, Brendan and the rest of their team, as well as all of the other search and rescuers doing what they can to make a difference <3

Huge thanks to the amazing Sea-Watch, who led this mission and who work relentlessly to provide search and rescue operations where they’re needed the most. We’re so proud to work with you. Find out more about them on their Facebook page.

To support Dan, Brendan and other people and organisations undertaking search and rescue efforts: