“Beat me, not my father..’ I begged as Greek police hit my elderly father to the ground.

‘He’s old! He’s old!

Please leave him alone!”

Ehcan is a 26 year old father of two from Afghanistan. For the last 7 months he has lived in a Greek refugee camp, sharing a tent with his wife, parents and two small children.

“We had just arrived to the shores of Lesvos and were still standing in the water, helping people off the rubber boat, when police officers came running towards us.

We were looking at them to help us, so I was shocked when one of them began to beat my father. I didn’t know what to do. I screamed at the police to leave him alone, to take me instead.

As my father got up, he was hit twice more by the policeman.

We came seeking safety, and in that moment I wished we hadn’t.

Some people may believe we came here for the money, but in Afghanistan I worked for a TV-channel and had a higher salary than many jobs pay here. What good is money when your family isn’t safe? That is all I ever wanted to achieve.

I told UNHCR about what happened to my father, but nothing was done.

I’m not allowed to work here, our registration process has taken 7 months and when unrightfully beaten, it’s simply another story belonging to a faceless refugee.

What would you do if it was your father? Tell me please”

This story comes via Through refugee eyes…the Facebook page by our boy Abdulazez Dukhan, bringing you stories from the camp in which he lives.

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