You Are All My Heroes

“To all my brothers and sisters in the Jungle…

I hope whatever happens this week is no worse than what you have already been through.

I hope you finally get a warm bed and long shower in peace.

The Jungle is for animals. I hope the authorities will now treat you as the amazing people that you are. The towns and cities of France will be lucky to have you.

I hope they respect your claims as refugees and do not deport you back to persecution and war.

I hope that history does not remember the disrespect my goverment and press has shown you, and instead remembers the food and chai we shared. The stories and jokes we told.

You escaped the Eritrian slave army, brewing genocide in Eithiopia, horror in Sudan. Taliban bombs, Daesh bombs, UK bombs, US bombs, Assad bombs, Russian bombs.

You are truly the strongest people I’ve ever met. The kindest and most giving. I am a better person for knowing you.

You are all my heroes.”

Thank you @rowanfarrell from @refugeeinfo for expressing how I feel today so perfectly.