What the world needs to know about the children in Calais

What the world needs to know about the children in Calais.

SO contrary to popular belief, or what the news might have you think…there are still many people left living in the Jungle as it burns / is bulldozed to the ground.

This still includes hundreds of kids.

Many HAVE been registered and placed inside the container camp on site (which is now full), but many still wait to be registered in the crazy queues, and keep being turned away as registration shuts, after hours of confusion and lack of information.

Whilst thousands of adults leave Calais to go to the accommodation centres across France, the authorities, as well as the grassroots groups who have been working with these kids, have decided not to send the kids away from Calais in the worry that they will be scared or confused, and run away. Many also have the legal right to come to the UK. But the problem is, nowhere has been provided for them to sleep in Calais, and as their shelters are destroyed,they have been forced to sleep outside, under the bridge, or in front of the container camp…finding places where there is maximum light as they are scared…

They have nowhere else to go.


This week has been absolute chaos in the camp, with huge fires spreading fast. The kids have complained of finding it hard to breathe due to the smoke in the air.

Many people have again, lost everything they have.

Imagine your kids, or the kids you know, having to fend for themselves, on the streets of the UK.

Now add in the fact that they must keep themselves safe from the fires spreading through the place they call home.

Not only this but everyone around them in tense and desperate, creating a scary, confusing situation. Who can you actually trust? Even the police fire tear gas into your home at regular intervals. Sometimes they even make arrests for no reason (that’s been happening to kids this week too).

Finally add in the fact that these kids are victims of war and genocide already. They are suffering trauma. Many have seen family members die and crossed the world in the most unbelievable journeys (we’ve all seen the pictures of the boats crossing the Med).

Please keep these kids in the forefront of your mind this weekend. Talk about them to your friends. Write about them to your MPs. Don’t stop thinking about them. Don’t forget about them. This is so real and happening right now and we have to do something!

To donate to our work in Calais.

For regular updates on the situation for the kids, check out our amazing friends, Help Refugees’ page.

Our friends at Calais action are also posting live updates from the camp.

Photo credits: Lisa Carroll for Help Refugees and Tara at Care for Calais