We Are Desperate

A couple of weeks ago a fellow volunteer wrote the following message from inside Moria Camp in Lesvos after a devastating fire:

“The situation is really bad. I am here on my own. Hundreds of pregnant women, children and the elderly are coming to me desperate for help with nowhere to go. They are being turned away from other camps due to lack of space.

Please please send medical help and aid urgently. We are desperate.”

This is of course something we could not ignore, and Dan (who had only been back in Thessaloniki for a day), headed there immediately, armed with 30 big tents and 600 blankets alongside the amazing Help Refugees, Luck of Birth and the Get Shit Done team.






They got straight to work setting up emergency shelters on a mission to replace those that had been destroyed. Not only this, they also tackled the serious lack of food provided to refugees in the camps by handing out fishing rods (enabling refugees to catch their own food and add a bit of protein to their diets of donated rice and bread). This is really important to us with winter coming, as we need the people living in these camps to be as healthy as possible to deal with the conditions!

They also set up an ongoing programme alongside an amazing refugee from Moria who is a welder, enabling people to make their own cookers using old steel tyre rims. Again, these will be invaluable as the cold starts to set in.

Collaboration at it’s best. Well done Dan, @kevinpotts and Jenni for this amazing emergency response effort, your work has meant over 500 people will be sleeping easier in the midst of this devastation <3

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