No One Knows What To Do

Yesterday I watched as the French police walked through the Calais Jungle, systematically nailing eviction notices to the door of every shop and restaurant.

This is the first step of the process to demolish the camp in it’s entirety.

One of the shelters the police served an eviction notice to, is the Kids Cafe…the ‘restaurant’ serving free warm lunches and dinners to the unaccompanied minors in the camp, that we have supported since it opened.


Not only does the Kids Cafe provide vital energy and nutrition in the form of this food, but also a safe space for the children to come and relax, play games, chat, and feel safe, day or night.

The children play a big role in running the Kids Cafe themselves, helping to prepare food and even sweeping the floor, so they took it upon themselves yesterday to distribute the remaining food they had in stock, knowing they would not be open for much longer.

The kids handed out biscuits, cereal bars and crackers to their fellow hungry camp residents as they passed by.

In the meantime, Nils got a head massage from our good pal, and we talked to lots of our friends about what their plans were…


Noone knows what to do or where to go. The accommodation centres are definitely not the solution they are being made out to be for pretty much all of the people we spoke to. There seems to be lots of regulations as to who can go to them…first and foremost, putting your fingerprints down to seek asylum in France.

For those with family in the UK, those who speak perfect English, those from countries much more likely to be accepted for asylum by the British system (and possibly deported home by the French system), they will continue to hope, dream and try for life in the UK, without the support system and life lines the Jungle has slowly began to provide for them.

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