Jungle Bulldozing Postponed

So we’ve had some good news…(kind of).
The bulldozing of the Calais Jungle has been pushed back by a week.
It was all due to start this Monday (17th), but as far as we understand it, only the shops and restaurants will be bulldozed as of this Monday, and the demolition of the rest of the camp will begin on Monday 24th October.
This comes as a result of there being no solution available for the 1,022 unaccompanied kids living in the camp. Apparently the authorities have realised that they should probably find somewhere else for the kids to go BEFORE bulldozing their homes, rather than bulldozing their homes first…(if only they could also do it this way round for the rest of the 10,000 camp residents…would make more sense right?)
Anyway I want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to everyone who took any action in support of these kids. Even just saying, THIS IS NOT RIGHT, is putting pressure on the big guys to find some better solutions.
Keep saying it, keep talking about it, keep making a fuss, because it’s working.
Things you can do:
Contact your MP and ask them to act URGENTLY to bring the children with a legal right to be in the UK under Dublin III (family reunification) or the Dubs Amendment, to safety as quickly as possible. (If you need more info on what these means, check out my post here.)
Donate to our continued efforts to support refugees here.
Sign the petition in support of the kids here.
Buy bags and sleeping bags and other essentials for people in the camp here.
Go to this march.