It makes me burst with emotion when Kelli Scott messages me from Turkey to update me on how mattress and blanket distributions are going in the camps around Izmir.

Over the last few days she given out enough bedding to make sure over 1,200 people will sleep more comfortably as the weather gets colder… But the thing is, new people keep arriving in the camps we support there.

Since Kelli and the team took a little ‘register’ just a week ago, more than 50 new people have arrived from Syria.

Yesterday she met an extended family of 12 people who had just arrived, looking thin and tired, displaying clear physical signs of the trauma they have been through. Kelli said their bodies and their energy told her everything, and all she could do was feel ultimate love towards them.

Yes, they are safe now, but their eyes still carry the pain, to the extent that Kelli was shocked by it, struggling to hold back her own tears.


The most amazing thing has been how respectful the residents of the camps have been throughout the distributions. Giving out much needed stuff, to people who need it most, can be very hard, but Kelli told me that when the residents of one camp didn’t recognise a name on the register and realised they had an extra blanket, they gave it back.

Kelli was totally humbled by the honesty. She would have let them keep the extra blanket of course, but if felt so respectful. This shows to me how amazingly Kelli has managed to build relationships and friendships with the Syrians, even without a common language.

And not only with the Syrians, with the local Turks too. The guys who Kelli bought the mattresses and blankets from went hours out of their way to help deliver them, throwing a load in for free.

There really is so much good in this world.

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