I’m so sad this morning.

Fire swept across the Jungle last night and took so many of the incredible places and shelters, shops and restaurants, homes and safe havens in which we have spent so much time and shared endless laughter, tears and cups of tea.

One of the most important spaces taken by the fire, was the unofficial Women and Children’s Centre.

After the original Women and Children’s centre was bulldozed back in March, the actress Juliet Stevenson donated this beautiful blue bus to the amazing Liz, long term volunteer, camp mamma and all-round modern-day hero.

This is Liz outside the bus, the safe haven she created for women and children from all over the world, seeking refuge from their traumatic pasts.


As it went up in flames last night, 40 unaccompanied children were forced to sleep in one of the mosques in the camp, trying to stay safe and warm, away from the chaos around them.

I got several texts last night, warning me it was too dangerous to be in the camp…

But what about the kids who have no choice but to stay there whilst waiting to be processed as part of this crazy system.

Why is this all happening whilst these kids are still there!?

As far as I know only one person was injured in the flames last night, a 17-year-old boy who has been taken to hospital.

We want to take this opportunity to say the biggest goodbye and thank you and WE LOVE YOU to the The ‘Unofficial’ Women and Children’s Centre, Jungle Calais.

Photos by Finlay O’Hara and Help Refugees