Beautiful, Strong Girl

“I love makeup nearly as much as I love walking.” – Noor.

…but Noor can’t walk.

Noor is my Syrian babe. I love her.

This is her with her mamma.

She was in her 4th year of a law degree when a bomb hit her uni and she saw 4 of her friends blow up, as they walked towards her. This caused her nervous system to go into shock and she has not walked since.

Beautiful, clever AND determined. When I met her she was using a shitty old, donated wheelchair with only one footrest, so she had to keep lifting one leg over the other to stop her foot from dragging on the ground. She also has limited movement in her hands so could not manoeuvre the bulky chair herself.

Thanks to the bloody AMAZING Ece Gülşen, she recently got a new, electric one, which has been an absolute game changer in giving her back some independence.

Noor’s mum and brother CARRIED her all the way from Syria to Turkey when they decided to flee. Noor hasn’t been able to go anywhere on her own since the day that bomb hit her uni.

Recently tribe member Kelli Scott had organised to meet Noor in a local park near her home in Izmir, Turkey. As Kelli sat and waited, she was looking out for Noor and her brother, who takes her everywhere….

But suddenly, she got a shock…

There was Noor, coming towards her…on her own!

Kelli was overwhelmed with happiness and overcome with emotion. She knew this was the first time Noor had been able to leave the house independently and knew how much this meant to her. My lovely gals sat and chatted in the park, eating corn and people watching. It was dark by the time they left and Kelli offered to push Noor home, but Noor insisted she would be fine.

Kelli watched as Noor faded into the darkness. On her own with her thoughts.

There she goes, beautiful, strong girl.

My heart bursts for you.

To support Noor in her mission to walk again: