An Uncomfortable Bed

Have you ever slept in a really uncomfortable bed?

Have you ever stayed at a mates house with a lumpy mattress or on a sofa bed that sags in the middle?

Have you ever stuck to a leather sofa or tried to sleep on a plane or train or bus?

Ever had to squeeze in the middle of two mates or been kept awake by someone snoring?

Have you ever laid awake because it’s too cold?

Ever slept on the hard ground night after night?

Ever tried to get your kids to sleep with nothing to protect them from the elements, no blankets, no walls, just a piece of tarpaulin over your head?


This is the reality for the Syrian families I met in Turkey recently…

…and winter’s coming…

So we decided to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Our AMAZING tribe member Kelli Scott bought over 1,000 mattresses and blankets to distribute in the camps we support around Izmir in Turkey this week.

Hopefully they will help some of the men, women and children sleep at least a little more soundly despite their situation.


Remember we asked you guys to donate your first fiver? This is where it went, and it literally makes my heart BURST to so clearly see the impact of you guys’ support.

We need to keep providing warm clothing, better shelters and bedding to get people off the floor before winter really sets in.

To donate some warmth and comfort to the victims of Syria’s crazy war:

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Look how happy these kids are to just have a bed…