Worlds Apart

I’m on the way home from the world’s biggest banking conference today, where I gave a breakfast talk in a bid to wake up some of the audience in more ways than one….

I’m at the airport now and feeling weird. Less than 24 hours I have been in Geneva, flown in, taxi-ed to the hotel and invited to drinks reception after drinks reception complete with canapés and champagne.


I watched this morning as they the cleared away the uneaten pastries after my talk. Not only were there a fair few that had been nibbled at, scattered around on tables, there was a huuuge amount still piled on platters, untouched.

The whole this is a head fuck for me.

What is this?

It’s not just the insane divide within such a small physical distance, it’s the fact that people are just so comfortable with it.

Well the people on the right side of it at least.

At what point in history did this happen?


Was it back in cave man times that the shift occurred? When did it go from the whole village hunting together, sharing the animals that they had caught that day, to the people that happened to have hunted the most saving all the food for themselves, piling it high and letting it rot as they had an abundance, whilst the other villagers looked on hungrily?

Obviously I am acutely, painfully aware that I myself won at the lottery of life, just by being born in England. But never will I carry with me the idea that for this reason alone, I am more deserving of safety, of opportunity, of a future.


In fact those who escaped the grips of ISIS, dodged bullets, lost family members, crossed the Sahara dessert, watched children die, nearly drowned in the Med, crossed Europe on foot and lived in the Calais Jungle, are probably much more deserving of this life…

But I sipped the champagne and ate the mini chocolate brownies (in excess), and I tried to bridge the gap between those worlds.

And I will continue to try…