They Are Hungry

I’m still processing some of the devastating scenes I witnessed on a recent trip to the camps around Izmir in Turkey.

One of the things that affected me most was the situation for the babies…


A newborn baby in the UK is literally wrapped in fresh little cotton clothes and everything is sterilised.

Some people don’t even hang thier baby clothes on the line for fear of germs.

But here, in Izmir, the babies have nowhere to sleep but the dirt floor. Noone has a bed. Not even a mattress. They is barely even any form of shelter to cover them from the sun. And the sun has been crazy hot these past few months out in the Turkish countryside.


This is our lovely Kelli delivering a baby bed to 1 month old Mohammed so he is no longer sleeping on the floor, being bitten by mosquitos and surrounded by flies…but Kelli knows at least one baby under 6 months old in each of the 15 little camps she works in.

Each bed costs £15 and with a £20 donation we can add in some baby blankets which will be desperately needed as the winter sets in.


These camps are home to Syrians working illegally for Turkish farmers, picking thier crops. The fact that they are not legally able to work in Turkey leaves these people very vulnerable, working ridiculously long hours, performing back-breaking tasks, with many examples of child labour…


And the worst thing…many never receive the money they are promised by the farmer when the harvest comes after months of basically slave labour.

Many of the new mothers are forced to leave their babies unattended in their ‘tents’ whilst they work the fields, and many mothers and babies are suffering from infections and illnesses due to lack of basic healthcare and sanitation. Whilst I was there, a mother dropped a tub of milk powder she had just been given, the proceeded to desperately scoop it up from the floor with the help of a few other women, whilst the children licked it hungrily straight out of the dirt.


They are hungry. They are sick and they desperately need help before the winter sets in.

We’re not asking you to do ANYTHING (we and Kelli with buy the stuff, distribute it effectively and deal with the emotional impact of doing so), but PLEASE support us from the comfort of your own home but donating here: