The White Helmets


Yesterday saw the release of a film about the White Helmets on Netflix.

The White Helmets are a group of civilian volunteers in Syria who respond immediately, rushing in straight after bombs have dropped, to dig men, women and children from the rubble with their bare hands.

We’ve been fundraising to support them for a while and have raised over £4000 for them so far…


The funds you guys donated have been used to buy vital equipment for the team, including stretchers, backboards and compression splints.

As well as these essential items, this money has also gone towards the purchase of medical equipment for hospitals in Aleppo. The teams at these hospitals take over from the White Helmets once they bring patients in, treating the injuries of those they rescue. Without these doctors and nurses, and their equipment, most people wouldn’t make it.


So thank you!

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, because your generosity is helping to save the lives of those in the very heart of this crisis.

You can check out the amazing trailer for the Netflix film here.

We would love to continue our support of the White Helmets and medical teams in Syria, so please, if you can, donate here: