Still Happening

One year ago today, a picture of the drowned body of Aylan Kurdi shocked the world…

Exactly one year on I have another shocking story for you…if fact, I can hardly believe my eyes…

The baby that you see in this picture was literally just born in a rubber dingy, to another family fleeing desperately fleeing war.

I know…

What the actual fuck?


This mother GAVE BIRTH whilst packed into an overcrowded boat, trying to reach somewhere safe for her child to grow up.

The amazing Chief Officer of the rescue team, Malcolm Bessey cut the umbilical cord, and mother and baby are now doing well.


The mother has named her baby Hope.

Born at sea, where is baby Hope from? What nationality? What will her life look like?

I can’t even IMAGINE the trauma Hope’s mamma has been through. There is not enough room in these boats to sit / stand. People suffocate in them. The rescue team can hardly hand out lifejackets as there is not enough room for people to put them on…let alone GIVE BIRTH.

But this is not what shocks me most. The most devastating thing for me is that this is STILL HAPPENING. One year on from Aylan…have we learnt nothing?


If you had told me a year ago, after the shock and outrage at that picture, that people would still be dying in their thousands in the Mediterranean (my childhood holiday destination), I would never have believed you.

I had hope….

How ironic.

Instead this year has seen 3,168 people die making this crossing. We need to do something guys…I don’t want to look back on this period in utter shame.


This story came from tribe member Brendan Woodhouse. To donate to his life-saving work as part of our Search and Rescue team: