Operation Escargot

Today, lorry drivers begin their protest against the existence of the Calais Jungle refugee camp with ‘operation escargot’: a snail-paced drive along the motorway, expecting to cause major traffic jams on the road approaching the crossing to the UK.

The drivers claim that the Calais Jungle damages their livelihood as refugees attempt to hide themselves in lorries to reach the UK, often by jumping onto moving vehicles. This is dangerous for the driver, but even more dangerous for the refugees.

This is no way to cross a border.

This is no way to reach a safe life, to be reunited with loved ones in the UK, to speak the language that is most people’s second tongue.

Of the 65.3 million people displaced by war and violence, these 10,000 in Calais are the very small percent who are trying to reach the UK… who has not yet taken it’s fair share of refugees into it’s safety and protection (by a long way).

We expect conflicts between the drivers and refugees today, but this is not their fight. This is about the French and UK Governments coming up with a suitable solution for the men, women and children stuck at our border.

There are nearly 10,000 people stuck at the border of our country, are we just going to let them die there?

We need to come together, in support of on another, to find a suitable solution. This is what we will continue to strive for during this turbulent time for our friends in the Jungle.