More Than Another News Story

This year our team has seen some crazy shit whilst working within and documenting the refugee crisis.

The craziest for me, have not been the conditions, the pain, the despair of the camps, it has been the way the media conduct themselves whilst getting their ‘story’.

What for them is a ‘good shot’ or a pay cheque, is the moment someone else’s life crumbles around them.

I guess lots of these journalists have witnessed misery and death on a daily basis for a long time. Maybe they have learnt to detach themselves enough to be able to do their job..I don’t know. I definitely haven’t…

Anyway in this incredible new documentary, our friend Orban and his team went behind the cameras of the news teams working within the refugee crisis, to find out how they deal with the emotional trauma of what they are surrounded by.

It’s SUCH an important story to tell. Seeing things from the other side…

Can you help us get the film finished?

We need 1000 people to donate £20 (which automatically becomes your ticket to the screening) to finish the edit.

This film will act as the important reminder that for thousands, this was much more than Another News Story.