I Agree With You

To the truck drivers protesting against there being a refugee camp in Calais…I AGREE WITH YOU….

There SHOULDN’T be a camp on the border of the UK.
People SHOULDN’T be risking their lives trying to jump on to trucks.
Children SHOULDN’T be suffocating in the back of refrigerated lorries.

No one should be scared to sleep at night, whether in the cab of their lorry, or in a tent in a refugee camp.

Everyone should be able to go to work and earn money, whether a driver or a victim of war.

No one should face questioning and punishment at the Eurotunnel station, not for having someone ‘illegal’ in their vehicle, or for BEING that person desperately hiding in those vehicles.

So lets forget the hatred, the anger, the judgement, the racism and the resentment.

Let’s let go of the petty ‘go-slow on the motorway’ tactics (this reminds me of how I used to annoy my little brother when he was behind me going up the stairs).

Let’s unite in our shared vision of a peaceful life without conflict.

Let’s come together to push for a solution.

Let’s join forces to create something better for truck drivers and refugees alike.

Let’s take the issue to the real source of the problem…Let’s realise where the responsibility really lies… It’s not the refugees at fault here guys, they want what you want..peace.

Let’s all remember that <3

Photo by Brendan Waterman Photography