Filoxenia International

After smashing it this weekend at The Liberté Cup, Dan is back in Greece and has already hit the ground running!

He jumped in the car from the airport with all of his bags, and headed straight for the Filoxenia project.

So the Filoxenia project is pretty special…

The idea behind it is a GAME CHANGER… to get the most vulnerable refugees out of camps and into proper, supported accommodation.


This is what we’ve been talking about!!!!

(Seems pretty obvious right…yeh…you’d think!)

The camps in mainland Greece are GRIM.

People, in their thousands, have been put in old industrial buildings, toilet paper factories, places definitely not suitable for people to live, and even then not everyone can fit. Many people still sleep outside in the open.

And we’re talking about kids. Pregnant women. Bereaved families who have lost children at sea. Victims of war. Wounded and disabled.

Medical services are incredibly hard to come by, and emergency services are slow to respond.

People are literally dying…

People always ask us, ‘well what’s the solution?’

Well the Filoxenia project is a bloody good place to start….

The team here have secured a building in Thessaloniki and have huge, amazing plans for it. Families will have individual apartments, there will be community spaces, a shop and even a rooftop garden…

This is literally a game changer.

Within the next 10 days water and electricity should be sorted and people will be able to move in! (We’ll keep you updated as they do!)

But first, we need the funds to buy stuff like beds, mattresses, kitchen equipment and fire extinguishers so that, once the amenities are set up, we can get people out of tents and provide just that little bit of dignity they so deserve.

Can you help?

If you can…please give as much as you possibly can spare to help improve, and even save the lives of the refugees living in Greece.

It’s a big, ambitious project, but it’s the only way forward for this crazy crisis:

SHARE with everyone you know and tag anyone who you think has a bit of cash to spare!

To learn more about Filoxenia International and their incredible work, please visit their website, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Together we can make a difference.