One of the most lovely, smiley people I ever met in the Jungle was Eyob.

We met over a year ago now, he was one of my first friends, and we helped him put up his tent when he first arrived to the camp.

I was over the moon when he called me to tell me he had made it to the UK. But when I repeatedly asked him if he was OK, if he needed anything, (he is very proud and kept saying no), it eventually became clear that he needed some help…

He had nothing. No clothes, no shoes, nothing warm, nothing. We sorted that out, sending him a package of stuff from the warehouse, but worst of all, he had no friends.

So he joined a running club. And started absolutely smashing it. He realised how great he was at running and was getting to know people and making pals in his new community.

One day we were chatting and he told me that all his new friends had these amazing watches that he had never seen before. He was baffled by how incredible they were…that they could tell you your heart rate and how far you had run. He had never seen anything like it…

Obviously I sent him one, and he was literally over the moon! It made me so happy and humble and grateful for everything, experiencing his reaction.

Good luck Eyob…we’re bloody proud of you!!!! Olympics next time? 😉

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