Devastating News From Calais

Whilst our friends march in solidarity with refugees in London today, I have a devastating story from the camp in Dunkirk to tell you…

These three beautiful kids have just had their mother taken away from them by French riot police for TWO YEARS. The youngest is just 11 months old.

A few days ago our friends from the camp shared videos and news with us of the CRS police entering the camp en mass and smashing down doors and arresting people they thought may be smugglers. This incident is the most recent in a long line of attacks on the camp, many involving the use of tear gas, affecting even the most vulnerable residents.

The frustrated residents of the camp responded by throwing stones at the police…one of whom was the mother of these three babies.


We THINK that she thought her brother had been arrested, but she was targeted by the riot police and arrested in front of her children, leaving them crying for their mother…

Our contact on the ground tells us that within a couple of days she has already been sentenced (under emergency procedures) to TWO YEARS in prison.

This is all the info we currently have and we will continue to report back, whilst doing our best to support this family and others going through these very testing times.

We won’t stop fighting for equality <3

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