Another News Story

One of the most shocking things to me during my time working with refugees…has been the media.

Not just the media portrayal of the innocent people fleeing war and persecution, but the way the media conduct themselves on the ground.

I will never forget Dan calling me from the beaches of Lesvos, not only distressed about the fact he had been carrying traumatised men, women and children to the safety of the shore, but the fact that camera men had genuinely got in his way whilst doing so. While he held a lifeless body and shouted for a medic, cameras clicked and flashed right up in his face.

Whilst the newspapers wrote about ‘swarms of migrants…’ the only swarms that I ever experienced on the ground were the press.

Whilst thousands of people saw their lives and futures flashing before them, other people saw a news story, a front-page shot, a pay check.

So we present to you the trailer of ‘Another News Story’, a beautiful, eye-opening film exposing the problematic world of news reporting during the most significant news story of the decade. For the first time, see things from the other side, what goes on behind the scenes, and prepare to be shocked.

Another News Story follows refugees AND news team, the juxtaposition creating an unflinching, uncomfortable and sometimes humorous portrayal of those making the journey against those tasked with reporting it.

We need help to finish the film. Please support us in getting this perspective out there…we all need a reminder that for thousands, this was much more than Another News Story.