A Healthy Baby Girl

Guys do you remember Mohammed?

The Syrian guy who we helped fly to Brazil where he had been offered asylum? The same Mohammed who had left his pregnant wife back in Syria, with the promise he would find somewhere safe for them to bring up their child?

Well, today I was SO HAPPY to hear the news that Mohammed and his wife Farah have had a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

He sent our team lots of beautiful photos and excited messages full of heart emojis (he doesn’t speak much English haha!)

Out of respect for his little family we thought best not to post pictures of little baby Mira!

Mira is Mohammed’s first daughter, and he explained to us how much he craves holding her in his arms, staring into her little face, he even said he can’t wait to smell her!

Mohamed is one of so many people forced apart from his loved ones. The only contact he has with his wife and baby are through Whatsapp and Skype (and people say you’re not a real refugee if you have a phone/ipad!)

This is Mohammed kissing a picture of his baby girl on the screen of an ipad, instead of her warm, soft forehead.

You might remember that not only did we raise the money for his ticket to Brazil, we raised over and above…enough to help the reunification process along too. Because of this, Mohamed is now filing his documents and it wont be long before his family will be back together again.

Mira means peace, prosperous, light, wonderful.

I love this name.

Welcome to the world Mira ๐Ÿ˜˜

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